How to Bypass Craigslist Phone Verification

How to Bypass Craigslist Phone Verification

There are lot of ways for advertising your products and services on internet. As the internet evolves they keep evolving as well and the usefulness of the ways we advertise on internet keeps changing. Having said that, there are some very popular methods that are always on top. However they may compete with each other in winning positions and may change the leader board over a certain period. Those are PPC, Solo Ads and Classified Ads.

In Classified Ads, Craigslist is on top and we will discuss today how to use this service especially in terms of phone verified accounts that are a mandatory feature to use this classified service. Alternatively, there are some services providers who post ads on your behalf but if you are on a shoe string budget that can be a bit expensive. On you can find services where they will post your 100 ads for 100 $. So do the math whatever is convenient, user friendly and economical to you. Better try different methods and see which one works for you in terms of generating lead or sales conversion of your products or services.

If you want to post 1-2 ads per day then you can do it normally, but if you are getting good results from your ads, obviously you will be interested in getting more and more craigslist phone verified accounts. That is something you cannot do without bypassing craigslist phone verification process.

If you post ads on craigslist, they will ask you to verify your phone in order to post ads. So if you want to post more than one ad, you need to bypass craigslist phone verification. So to do it yourself is the best bet and for that you do need a lot of phone verified accounts. Below are few options for you.

Buy US Phone numbers and Craigslist pva :- Using this method you can buy phone numbers of craigslist pvas from few providers and just login and post your ads. You can get craigslist pva which can help you to overcome this issue. You can buy Craigslist phone verified accounts here 
Create your own phone numbers and  accounts:-  There are few ways to create phone verified accounts. You can read more about it on our blog post here. These numbers should work in any city as long as they are not Skype numbers. Going for the cheapest could have some issues on the performance so a mediocre service with a reasonable rate should be a wise decision.
Use the anonymous email provided via Craigslist and do not opt for your own email address to stay away from spam.
Here I am going to tell you briefly about a method which is easy to use and can create a new account with Craigslist for free.

  • Create an email account, most probably with Google Mail.
    Register at and get a number to use for verification.
    Register a new account at Craigslist with this new email you just created.
    Follow the process and create a new classified ad at Craigslist.
    While posting Craigslist will ask you to submit the phone number to send the verification code. Enter the number you got from will send the message received from Craigslist
    Enter the code sent in the final step and you ad will be live.


If this method does not works for you, try your alternative methods to create craigslist phone verified accounts.

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